Students are eligible to transfer only from a liberal arts curriculum that is similar to Harvard’s. Candidates whose education has been in a vocational, professional, technical, online, extension, or performance program will not ordinarily qualify for transfer admission.

  • Students who have completed one full-time year of college in a regular degree program in lieu of their senior year of high school (often referred to as dual enrollment) should apply for first-year admission if these courses are taken for credit towards a high school diploma.
  • 谁被录取的学生,除非他们已经完成了一个完整的以前的时间,连续学年兼职都没有资格。

如果你太在学习先进的资格转让,你可能会感兴趣的 来访的本科生计划。


Through our admissions process, we strive to give you ample opportunities to best demonstrate your interests and accomplishments. We welcome candidates who have gone directly from high school into college as well as those who have followed less traditional paths.

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In addition to our standard application materials, you may submit supplementary materials showcasing exceptional or unusual talents, including musical performance, artistic work, and research material.



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  • 3月1日:所有的技术转让和资金援助物资申请截止日期。 
  • 转移招生委员会审查申请的申请截止日期之后开始。
  • 5月中旬:转移录取决定被释放。
  • 六月初:截止答复承认,等待上市的学生。

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  • 从传输应用 通用大学申请联盟申请, 要么 常见的应用
  • bt365体育|在线的问题和写作补充常见应用
  • $ 75或费用减免费用
  • 标准化测试(分数是可接受的自我报告在申请过程中;官方分数需要招收所有学生的)
    • 行为或坐(带或不带文字) 
    • 2坐在受试者测试(推荐,除了在经济困难的情况下)
    • 可选:AP,IB或其他辅助检查结果
  • 学院/院长/注册报告
  • 官方的大学成绩单
  • 学院教师的建议(2)
  • 官方高中成绩单

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Harvard will honor comparable coursework you have done prior to your transfer admission, while also giving you time to take advantage of Harvard’s course offerings and delve deeply into your concentration.

You will be allowed to transfer in a maximum of 16 semester-long courses—the equivalent of two full years of academic work—providing you the opportunity to take the remaining half of the courses required for your A.B. or S.B. degree at Harvard.